Curtis Pons 

Real estate commissions explained

Let's take the mystery out of real estate commissions.  These are the numbers I see most of the time but the agent/broker can charge anything they want.  The seller's agent lists the property for a set percentage (usually around 6%) paid by the seller out of their proceeds at closing and has to offer part of that to the buyer's agent (almost always 3%) stated on the MLS listing.  If that percentage is lower than other listings, the buyer's agent will make less so it could be a disincentive for showings.  Both agents then have to split their commission with their broker so the agent's percent isn't as big as it first appears.

How can I charge so much less than other agents?

Referrals are the key.  At least 90% of a real estate agent's time and a good portion of their money is spent finding their next client.  I spend 90% of my time helping and working with my clients.  Why do I get so many referrals?  Well, being really good at what I do is first and foremost.  Saving my clients thousands in realtor fees is the icing on the cake.  Who knew people would love saving thousands in realtor fees?  Uh...me!

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