Online Offers aren't just for million dollar homes

Online offers Benefits

You never have to take an offer you don't like.

Multiple offers means you get the highest possible price. When buyers compete, sellers win!

One open house will get your home under contract in just 2 weeks.

  • Home sold fast

Should you hire the cheapest Agent? NO! Hire the best and​ cheapest.

Your home will be under contract within 2 weeks, GUARANTEED in writing.

  • Multiple bidders means multiple offers

  • Accept, reject, or counter any offer

  • No fees to the seller - YOu don't even pay the buyer's agent!

The buyer pays all but 1% which I will pay for you at closing if I'm also your agent to buy your next home.

Your home will be under contract so fast, there's no need for a 6 month contract like other agents do.

  • No showings to tons of people for months on end

  • No long-term agent contracts

Sell Your Home For ZERO Fees 

The last reason to consider when hiring a Realtor should be the fees they charge.  I know that sounds funny coming from agent who promotes ZERO FEES.  I say this because paying zero and getting a terrible Realtor and terrible service is no deal at all.

Great real estate advice and outstanding customer service are foremost for me regardless what I'm paid. 

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