Real estate commissions explained

Sell Your Home For ZERO Fees 

Let's take the mystery out of real estate commissions.  These are the numbers we see most of the time but the agent/broker can charge anything they want.  The seller's agent lists the property for a set percentage (usually around 6%) paid by the seller out of their proceeds at closing and has to offer part of that to the buyer's agent (almost always 3%) stated on the MLS listing.  If that percentage is lower than other listings, the buyer's agent will make less so it could be a disincentive for showings.  Both agents then have to split their commission with their broker so the agent's percent isn't as big as it first appears.

How can I charge ZERO COMMISSIONS?        

Online Offers is the best way to sell real estate in any market.  I'm paid by the buyer and so is the buyer's agent.  It's never made any sense to me why the seller is forced to pay the buyer's agent when they work for the buyer.

Online offer BENEFITS

* No fees to the seller.

* No showings to tons of people for months.  You show your home usually only one day at one open house. 

* Multiple offers with buyers competing online ensures you get top dollar for your home.

* Extremely fast sale.  The home will be under contract in just 2 weeks and you can usually choose when you close.

* You still retain the right to accept, reject, or cancel any offer, so you never have to take and offer you don't like.

* No long-term contracts.  We don't need to take a listing for 6 months like all other agents because selling is now faster than ever.